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Dealing with Insurance Companies in Personal Injury Cases

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Tips on Dealing with Insurance Companies from Personal Injury Attorney, Eric Dubin

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, over 31 million injuries occur to people throughout the U.S. each year that necessitate a doctor’s care, almost two million people sustain injuries that require some degree of hospitalization, and 162,000 people die from their injuries.  With numbers like that, you probably know someone who has been involved in a personal injury lawsuit.

From AVVO Legal Q & A Website:

Original Question (excerpt):
“The driver was 17 yrs old, he sped down a road and lost control of the vehicle. My son suffered broken leg, which required surgery, and he was airlifted to local trauma center in area. I am now starting to deal with auto insurance of driver… ”  read full question at AVVO

Eric Dubin’s Answer (excerpt):
“So sorry about your boy!! You should get the best care possible, and yes have your own insurance company handle it. You will not know how much the case is worth until your boy is fully healed, and know what kind of long term issues will he be facing. “ read Eric’s full answer at AVVO

View more of Eric’s legal advice on AVVO

If you yourself are involved in a personal injury case in Orange County, chances are you are dealing with many stressful situations:

  • Healing, many times painful, injuries
  • Repeated surgeries
  • Medical bills piling up
  • Calls from insurance companies on both sides of the case
  • Removal from your normal routine

Who should handle calls from insurance companies?

With all of these stresses, it’s easy for a plaintiff to want to give it all up and deal with the defendant’s insurance company directly.  This is a big mistake.  If you choose to deal directly with the opposing side, you can very easily miss out on the compensation you deserve.  Don’t let pressure from the defendant’s insurance company force you into settling.  Let your insurance company and an Orange County personal injury attorney handle any calls from the insurance company on the defendant’s side.  For help with personal injury cases in Orange County and the surrounding areas, contact Eric Dubin and let him handle the insurance companies for you!

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