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Orange County Car Accident Attorney

Automobile accidents are always nerve-wracking and stressful. We try our best to avoid them, but if we are unfortunate enough to be involved in one, asking legal assistance from a reliable Orange County personal injury attorney is the most important step you can take.

Orange County Car Accident Attorney Orange County Car Accident Attorney

Causes of Automobile Accidents.

In an automobile accident, there are different causes and the most common ones are:

    • Negligent Drivers. Drunk drivers can cause the serious injury or tragic death of other people in an instant. Aside from drunk drivers, there are those whose negligence and irresponsibility bring harm other people. Some drivers are distracted because they use their mobile phones, interact with passengers, etc.


  • Poorly-constructed roads and lack of traffic signs and warnings. Poorly-constructed roads can turn slippery during a heavy rain. The lack of traffic signs may also prevent drivers to be careful about certain road conditions that can lead to accidents.

How an Orange County Car Accident Attorney Can Help.

An Orange County car accident lawyer can determine who’s at fault, how to handle medical issues, and recover damages if applicable. The advantage of hiring an Orange County auto accident attorney like Eric Dubin can work to your advantage because:

    • Eric personally accepts only a limited number of cases because he personally handles each one and not just assigns it to an inexperienced lawyer.


    • He’s a contingency-free lawyer who advances all costs and bears the risk of litigation.


  • He can be contacted on his cell phone  at 714-381-1275, or his direct email [email protected] for a free and immediate consultation.

Automobile accidents are common and they can happen to anybody. If you are involved in one, make sure that an Orange County car accident attorney is there to help you.