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"One of the Top 20 Lawyers in California."
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$30 Million Jury Verdict:
Robert Blake Case

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Protecting the common man and woman from flagrant injustice has always been an overriding passion of Eric Dubin.  In this blog, and even as the website evolves, you will see more of what makes this Orange County personal injury lawyer–despite being one of the most acclaimed lawyers of California–YOUR lawyer.

Through his law firm, Dubin Law, verdicts and settlements worth millions of dollars have been given to victims and their families.  But there’s more to a trial than just a verdict.  In this blog, you will see in highlight cases what were truly at stake.   Whether these were trials of negligence, drunk drivers, dangerous products, breach of contract and fraud, we will tell you the story: what was the wrong being done and how justice was achieved.

Eric Dubin is not just a formidable Orange County dog bite attorney.  He has heart.  He understands his clients and he goes through the painful process of redressing justice with them every step of the way.  Dubin Law Firm advances all costs and offers free immediate consultations.

You don’t have to wait to let yourself be heard by Eric.  Call him directly on his cell at 714-381-1275 or reach him on his email [email protected].  With Eric and Dubin Law, you can be sure that your interests are important and will be aggressively pursued.

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