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"One of the Top 20 Lawyers in California."
- Los Angeles Daily Journal

"Practically unbeatable courtroom strategies"
- Huffington Post

"Eric is 100% on point."
- Star Jones, ABC

$30 Million Jury Verdict:
Robert Blake Case

"One of Orange County's best civil lawyers."
- OC Weekly

"The true story of celebrity trials, well told."
- Larry King, CNN

Free Consultation

Nobody wants to figure in managing an accident, a law suit, or, any legal issues into their already hectic schedules. But, the truth is that these problems do happen.

The best thing that you can do when you are in a situation or persoanl injury is to arm yourself with the best legal assistance that you can get from an Orange County personal injury attorney.

The Dubin Law Firm makes sure that your legal rights are protected.
Unlike other firms, your case is personally handled by Orange County personal injury attorney, Eric Dubin, himself and not delegated to a young attorney.

The first step to achieving success in your legal case is to set up a consultation with an Orange County personal injury lawyer.
Dubin Law Firm offers a free comprehensive consultation.


  1. Set up a meeting or call on the phone.
    All it takes is 10- 15 minutes tell you everything to know and make a decision.
  2. Bring  police records and medical records.
    ***Don’t worry if you don’t have them. These can all be subpoenaed for you. All that is really needed is your facts and story. These are important in assessing your situation.

Once you have consulted with us, we make sure that:

  • You are given the right treatment.
  • Property damage is taken care of.
  • You are getting the policy limit from defendants.

All this information free of charge from an Orange County personal injury attorney with a 20-year-experience.

Just call 949-477-8040 or 310-284-3161 and ask for your FREE CONSULTATION.

Once hired, you will receive:

  • We  determine whether spouse has claim.
  • No Fees. We accept your case on a contingency basis.  We pay all costs and advance all litigation fees. It is only after the case is settled that you pay us.
  • We handle ALL elements of your case.
  • You have direct access to Orange County personal injury attorney, Eric Dubin’s, cellular phone. You can call or text 24 any time at 714-381-1275 or reach him on his email: edubin@dubinlaw.com.
  • You get updated about your case often. We are proactive.

There is nothing needed to get started.  All you have to do is call 949-477-8040 or 310-284-3161 and ask for your FREE CONSULTATION.

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